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How to Buy Your Hockey Skates – Part 2

In part one of our blog looking into how to fit your new skates, we saw a couple of ways how you can test for yourself if you have the correct fitting for your skates. Plus, also the types of fittings the different manufacturers use. In this blog we talk about where your feet should be touching the skate, and how you can tell if the skate is too tough or not.

Where Should Your Feet Be Touching the Skate?

Just because your toe can feel the skate does not mean that it is not a good fit, but you should know where it is good for your toes to lie in the skate. With your skate fully fastened stand up, whilst doing this your toes should just brush the toe cap of the skate. Now try a hockey stance, and if your heel is sitting in the correct position then you should not find that your toes touch the skate any longer.

Skate Stiffness

When fitting any shoes for the first time you should always consider the newness and stiffness of the material. This is extremely important for skates, and the manufacturers offer two types, stiff and more relaxed.

The more proficient you are as a player the stiffer the skates should be, this is because the actual boot will give more support to the ankle. There is a downside to skate stiffness and that can be the loss of mobility and flexibility when you skate.

For new and junior players it is advisable to buy a more flexible skate, as you may not be able to break in your skates sufficiently well as you do not play hard enough. But the flip side of this is that the skates should not be too flexible, some stiffness is required to give support.

To test if the skates are stiff enough, squeeze the back of the boot so the sides come together. If this is easy to do then the skates are not suitable for playing hockey, and if you cannot move them much they are more suited to an experienced player. In between this is the most favorite stiffness for most amateur players.

Baking Skates?

Believe it or not, expensive and high-end boots are designed to be molded to the user’s feet. This is best done at the store that you buy the skates from. When you select your skates then the store will place them in a special oven for a minute or so.

The assistant will bring the warm skates out and ask you to put them on. After placing them up you will be required to sit in them for about ten minutes or so and they will form around your feet snugly. This will then give your skates a custom fitting, molded to just your feet.

Now you have great fitting and baked skates you can go ahead and hit the ice, procuring and fitting the best skates for your feet will give you hours of hassle free sport. And if you look after your skates they should last you a very long time and give you great service.