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How to Start Playing Hockey

For whatever reason you may have taken to playing hockey late in life, if this is so this blog is dedicated as a guide for adults that want to start playing hockey. First of all, you don’t need the full equipment to begin playing hockey, the real must have items are, skates, shin pads, elbow pads, helmet and a stick. If you search the net you can find a lot of the equipment cheap and on offer.

Learn to Skate

It may sound obvious but you must be a proficient skater before you become a hockey player. Practice turning and stopping fast, and the way to do this is to get a lot of time on the ice, there is no shortcut to miles in the tank. Someone to coach you will speed things up a little, this can be a coach or a hockey player that you know. Some decent videos are on YouTube but there is nothing like finding an arena or a rink near where you live. Some sports centers have adult only lessons so that you do not feel out of place, there is even adult power skating lessons which will lay down firm foundations.

Start to Play Hockey

The first way to start playing hockey is to join open sessions at your sports center, these sessions are known as stick & puck, shiny or pick-up hockey. Your first few sessions will be quite intimidating but as you grow more confident your skills will start to improve.  Don’t be put off by better players and the feeling you are not progressing as fast as you hoped. It’s is a long road to become a competent hockey player, be patient and stick with it. Another good idea is to play any form of hockey you possibly can, which could include shoot pucks, inline, street hockey or ball hockey.

Pick up hockey

Practice at Home

It might seem ludicrous suggesting that you practice at home but you can practice your stick work and shooting in your backyard. All you need is a target and a pad to shoot with, there is no need for ice, a tiled floor is perfect.

Join a Local Team

Once you have mastered your stick-handling, learned how to shoot and to skate well it is time to join a local team. Probably the best way to find a team is by asking at the sports center you have been playing at and with your new friends you have met on the ice. Another idea is to phone the local rinks in your area and see if they have beginner hockey league games at their rink. Don’t despair if you do not find something right away, keep on playing pick-up hockey and be patient.

There are no time recommendations for you to pick up the sport and start playing with a team, some people take years to do this and others are more fortunate and pick it all up really fast and are lucky to find a team straightaway. Whatever happens, enjoy your time on the ice and always practice to improve your skills.