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The Equipment Needed to Play Ice Hockey – Part 2

The second part of our investigation into what equipment is needed to play hockey, our first foray onto the ice looked at the protective equipment kids need. Now it is time to see what their parents must don to take to the ice for the very first time.

Essential Equipment

A similar list to the junior players although some of the items an adult is required to wear are optional:

  • Compulsory – helmet, gloves, elbow pads, stick, shin pads, skates, jock, bag;
  • Optional – helmet cage, mouthguard, shoulder pads.


An adult’s helmet has to be tough as it has a lot further for it to travel to the ice than a child’s helmet. It is a matter of course that you fall in hockey, even the pro’s do. Although you are not required to wears full facial protection, the best advice especially while learning is to wear a helmet with a full cage.

Shoulder Pads – Optional

Most non-pro leagues are non-contact and therefore no slapshots are allowed. And for this reason, shoulder pads are not compulsory. However, if you are new to the game you will take a tumble or two and therefore it is good to wear them.

Elbow Pads

A good pair of elbow pads is highly recommended especially if you are new to hockey. When you fall on the ice it is common for your feet to go beneath you, and regularly you will land on your elbows, wearing good elbow pads will help take the impact and cut down on nasty injuries.


A good pair of gloves are often overlooked, but it is essential that they are both flexible and comfortable to wear. Although they a really for protecting the knuckles and hands they also control the stick, and the heavily protected gloves do not have the best flexibility.


Probably the most important equipment you need for hockey are a good pair of skates. As an adult your feet have stopped growing so it is worth investing in a pair of skates as much as you can afford. Buying cheap skates is a false economy as you will end up having to replace them anyway. Get measured properly in a good store, the two biggest qualities you are looking for are flexibility and comfort. The skate should also afford protection and be reinforced against blades and stick impacts.

You will find that the cheaper brands will be too flexible, almost bendy and will not afford your feet and ankles the required support they need. Now you are properly attired all you need is a stick and you are ready to take on the hockey world on the ice. Get properly protected and you will enjoy your sport all the more.