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The History of Roller Hockey

The popularity of hockey all over the world is booming, and since it was first played different versions based on the game have sprung up and evolved. One such game is roller hockey, a fast and furious game played on hard indoor and outdoor surfaces. Roller hockey has two versions Quad and Inline and this is to do with the kind of skates that are used. The rules of both versions are basically the same as normal hockey but using a ball rather than a puck.

First Roller Hockey Game

The first set of roller hockey skates were said to have been made in 1760 by a London inventor called John Martin. Hockey that was played on ice had become so widespread and addictive that people wanted to play it even after the ice had melted. And the first roller hockey skates were little more than roller skates. The first recorded actual game of quad hockey as we know it today was in England in 1878.

The First World Championship

Around fifty years later the sport had really taken off and was popular all over the world. And in 1936 the very first World Championship was held in Stuttgart. This was twelve years after an international organization to govern the sport was formed called the IRSF (The International Roller Sports Federation).

Early Teething Problems

Early Teething Problems
Early Teething Problems

Initially the sport was a big hit. But as many of the players that were participating in it during the summer months were ice hockey players, they found quad hockey too slow, and interest began to wane. To try and halt the decline a new set of rules were issued by the RSROA (Roller Skating Rink Operators Association) in an effort to speed the game up. Quad Hockey was re-branded as Puck Hockey.

The Inline Skate Revolution

Something was desperately needed to speed up the game as fewer and fewer people were taking to roller hockey as a form of enjoyment. Then in the 1960s a revolution occurred that changed the world of roller hockey forever. The invention of the inline roller skatesby the two Olsen brothers made the sport much quicker and more like real ice hockey. And it was because of this invention roller hockey was allowed into the World Games in 2005.  

Roller Hockey Today

The popularity of roller hockey today does not quite measure up to the levels when it first took America by storm. When inline skating was first introduced it was a massive craze. With teams taking aggressive names such as The Warriors, or The Terminators. Crowds bayed for foul play and aggression between the players. Since then things have settled down a little and even though the sport has a lot in common with regular hockey it has retained its own identity. The benefits of being able to play it all year-round outdoors is a massive plus, and the fairly inexpensive costs to play roller hockey means that it is a sport that everybody can play.