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Top NHL arenas – Part 2

To continue our coverage of the most popular NHL arenas, we are looking to present you more top-notch arenas, taking into account their facilities and crowd intensity.

The venues in the United States and Canada are the best across the world. Some fans might look for electric game experience and others might search for what else the arenas have to. It is a no-brainer that the fan of a team will say that their home arena is the best in the field. Let’s check out the rest of what NHL has to offer.

Bell Centre in Montreal

The arena in Montreal, the home of Canadian team, is the leading one in all the NHL due to the devotion of their fans. They makes the arena go wild and it creates an electric vibe, some even say that it enhances their team success rating.If we are talking about the team’s history and how it became one of the NHL top teams, it most certainly started at the Bell Centre in Montreal. Their old arena was called Montreal Forum had the charm of being the team’s first home, but the new venue has upgraded their light shows and added screens to create a better experience for the fans. 
The Canadian fans have the appreciation for the team’s Hall of Famers when they show up for a hockey game. They examine the past and present players and make presumptions about who would fit to play in various stages. Other fans might even want to reminisce about the wins and losses.

United Centre in Chicago

Every home game for Chicago Blackhawks team is a special event where everyone in the city joins in to support their beloved team on the ice. If you are around the United Center arena during the game night, you know it is going to be loud and packed. 

United Centre in Chicago
United Centre in Chicago

Before any home game, the pre-game show is inspiring, accompanied by the clips showing off the team and getting the crowd fired up. When the anthem singer steps on the court and performs the song “The Star-Spangled Banner”, the arena suddenly change into the noisiest place in the world. During the entire song, the fans do not stop growling and howling, and as soon it is finished, the United Centre is thrillingly ready for the first whistle of the game!

SAP Centre in San Jose

You would get surprised if we told you that one of the breathtaking NHL arenas is based in Northern California, but yes, it is true. San Jose Sharks team’s home arena is SAP Centre and through the years it earned a nickname “The Shark Tank”.
The team is the only one in the city who plays in the NHL and in turn, the fans respect and praise their major league team. If you visit the arena, it gives off the vibe that the team has been competing in championships for a long time, but in actuality they did not even start to play until the beginning of 1993. When the Sharks play against their rival teams in the NHL, the atmosphere is absolutely amazing, due to their fans’ support, thus they strive for victories and success.