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When ice hockey led to Europe

Ice hockey player

When my son ended his ice hockey-career, I suddenly got lots of free time to kill. After following him on trips all over the United States, everything came to a standstill due to his knee injury. Dreams of the NHL were shattered. The first time after the announcement, he was so depressed that it was not possible to talk to him about a future without ice hockey.

After a while, I was able to start implementing the idea that together we could start getting involved in a club in some way. Now it became not just a club but a regional association that worked for all clubs in the region. We did not even have to prove anything before, they had been following us during all my son’s active years and knew what we could do. Therefore, we were given the task of being the education coordinators.


The first big task was for us to look up and check out new places where national youth camps for slightly older children could be held. I was sent to Europe and my son to Canada, so there came the first real challenge, not to work physically together. However, it turned out that there would be no problem and Europe welcomed me with open arms.

Europe is an ideal destination for hockey camps. Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Portugal, France, Italy and Germany are just a few of the many European countries known for offering outstanding hockey camps. Europe offers an opportunity for life, where students can gather to learn more about the fantastic culture of a diverse population, where each country has its own unique style of play and national practices. There are countless attractions to visit in Europe during a hockey camp. Untouched forests, eclectic cities and historic landmarks are just some of the memorable things students can expect from the nations of Europe. Through the combination of unique cuisine, impressive architecture, fascinating hockey culture or proximity to the famous hockey matches, hockey camps in Spain, Great Britain or other parts of Europe to motivate fans of the game to reach new heights in their sport.


By choosing the right hockey camp, you can ensure that students get a perfect training schedule and support that suits their specific needs. The training site provides teachers, students and parents with the information they need to choose the most appropriate training plan. But also all sorts of information outside the ice hockey rink that is conceivable. Added value is positive in every way when it comes to week-long camps. Good for cohesion and good for the spirit.

An example of what was offered is a camp with 6 or 13 nights for boys and girls aged 9-17 at two leading private schools in England.

The unique programs are designed and led by former British Olympic hockey player Matt Daly. Older players can choose to focus solely on hockey or take daily lessons in addition to training. Most camps include daily lessons of some kind of your choice.

All camps have a packed schedule and a varied mix of nationalities, which means that young players get the maximum benefit from their knowledge and a valuable cultural experience. Players leave with new skills, confidence and friends from all over the world.

Ice hockey
Ice hockey

New experiences

Since I was chosen alone to go around and check out different ice hockey camps, it was a bit lonely the times I did not spend the evenings at the local pub.

But I found another activity where I felt less lonely even though I did not hang out with anyone.

I made sure I found a cozy place in the hotel lobby and then I sat down and played either on the computer (because I then looked more like I was a busy businessman) or on my ipad. However, I did not think I would like it as much as I actually did. Some of the most entertaining games I found were all the different slot machines and crosswords. It was actually the first time I tried othello, I always thought it was so very difficult. But since the website had instructions on how to get started as a beginner, it was great fun and I understand the passion many get to play this. I have played slot machines a lot, but only physically and never on the internet, so it became a new pleasant experience. Same with crossword puzzles, always used to solve crossword puzzles with my grandmother in weekly magazines, but had never tried it online. So you can definitely say that I found some new, entertaining activities that I took home with me.

In addition to that, of course I brought home a lot of information from different campsites, so now I will just compile all of the advantages and disadvantages before I present to the board. Then I also hope to follow the camps that will be held.